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Art Galleries

La Luz De Jesus Gallery

Roq La Rue gallerya
Roq La Rue gallery was opened back in 1998 as a reaction to the Northwest's then lack of alternative art spaces. Fueled by a devotion to the rapidly growing Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism art movement, the gallery quickly gained notoriety, and respect, as one of only of a handful of galleries globally (at the time) willing to show the work. As a bonus, an enthusiastic community of collectors responded quickly to the gallery's eclectic mix of artists, whose outlaw sensibilities and counter-cultural subject matter was rendered with undeniable ability and vision. Since that exciting time, Roq la Rue has moved several times, before finally landing at its largest, and poshest, digs yet, settling into a historic art deco building in the Belltown neighborhood of downtown Seattle. We've expanded our vision & program by working with artists and collectors around the globe, gained national & international recognition, and earned a solid reputation. It's been an amazing and rewarding ride thus far. Everyone involved with Roq La Rue, including partners Mark Long, Sarah Novotny, and John Kintz, love, and are committed to, Roq La Rue, the artists the gallery exhibits and the extended community we are honored to be a part of. We hope to continue to be a supportive and exciting space that helps launch new artists and bring greater exposure to more established ones.
StewArt Gallery
The Family started business in the early 1970s and since then I have gained huge experience in the Art World. The hugely rising cost of Galleries, and the advent of the Internet persuaded me that I should operate as an internet Gallery, also holding 3 exhibitions each year in Sussex where I am based. I specialise in paintings from the 20th century, but also from have from time to time, Victorian paintings and 21st century paintings. I generally have around 200 works in stock. I issue a quarterly brochure showing my latest available stock which is sent to you free of charge on request. The artists I keenly handle are Silvano Gamba, Doyly John, Igor Talwinski, Andrew Kennedy, Bob Bramley, Gyula Bubarnik, Andras Gombar, Roger de la Corbiere, Jean Batut, James Brereton, Raymond Campbell, Louis Van Staaten, Edwin and Erwin Eichinger, Mario Irace, Bill Tolley, John Horsewell, Tom Rowden, Vida Gabor, Eugene Demester, Gyula Siska, Andras Kowlaski and others.
The Canon Gallery
The Canon Gallery we are Fine art Dealers in 18th, 19th and 20th century oils and watercolours. Originally established in 1985 in Chichester, we then moved to Petworth, West Sussex and now moved to Near Huntington, Cambridge. The Canon gallery stocks over 250 oil paintings and watercolours with a price range from £50 to £100,000. Members of BADA The Canon Gallery also exhibits at the major fairs in the UK

Art Sites

Arcadia Fine Arts
Arcadia Fine Arts was founded in 1998 with the goal of creating a showcase for contemporary, representational artwork. That goal still rings true today. The Arcadia Gallery is now internationally known for showcasing acclaimed and distinguished painters, such as Malcolm T. Liepke, Jeremy Lipking, Ron Hicks, and many others. In addition we take great pride in the presentation of emerging artists who are poised to become tomorrow's master painters.
Artcyclopedia is a form of Internet search engine. The main mode of searching within the site, and the main way that web surfers find their way to us, is a search on an artist's name.
The beinArt International Surreal Art Collective was founded in 2006 by Jon Beinart. The collective was formed to increase public awareness and appreciation of contemporary Surreal, Fantastic Realism, Magic Realism and Visionary Art. Each individual artist's contribution increases the movements credibility in the contemporary art world. The central aim of is to show the work of internationally renowned artists like HR Giger, Ron English, Ernst Fuchs, Robert Williams, Mark Ryden, Lori Earley, Paul Booth, Laurie Lipton, Michael Hussar, Chet Zar, Chris Mars, Liz Mcgrath and Alex Grey with the work of lesser known, though extraordinary artists.
Broad Street Studio
So what does Broadstreetstudio have to do with three 'characters' with brushes? You might even go on to ask what representation in painting even means to them. Well, we felt it was time to share the reason why we started Broadstreetstudio.
Circus Museum
Stichting Circusarchief Jaap Best beheert de circusverzameling van de Alkmaarder Jaap Best (1912-2002). De collectie omvat circa 8000 affiches, 7000 foto’s en prentbriefkaarten, honderden boeken, tijdschriften en prenten, duizenden programmaboekjes, krantenknipsels, en bijzondere parafernalia op het gebied van het circusleven in Nederland, maar ook ver daar buiten. De Stichting vond enkele jaren geleden onderdak in Teylers Museum te Haarlem, waar Jaap Best al enige tijd nauwe banden mee onderhield. Voor de exposities De tentoongestelde mens (1993), Hooggeëerd publiek (1997) en De versierde mens (1999) mocht het museum een ruime keus uit zijn collectie maken. Teylers Museum zegde vervolgens toe na zijn overlijden de opslag van het archief te faciliteren en de collecties te ontsluiten. Daarnaast werd Pictura in Heiloo benaderd om de affiches en foto's digitaal te fotograferen, zodat ze successievelijk via deze online database voor een groot publiek raadpleegbaar zijn. Op 9 juni 2005 vond de lancering van de website plaats.
Circus Posters
Collection of old circus posters
Mark Schumacher, Born 1959 (USA) B.A. Chinese Studies 1982, Hamline University, Minnesota M.A. Japanese Studies 1990, Johns Hopkins, SAIS, Wash. DC Resident of Japan since 1993
We are a web community of artists who are here for one purpose. We want to help eachother learn about art, provide the best place to showcase work, further our art educations, and to meet other artists from around the world.
Dr Macro high quality movie scans
Here's where you'll find very high quality images of famous screen stars, mostly from the 1940's and earlier. We've scanned 8 x 10 glossy movie stills and publicity photos, and the resulting full-size pictures are presented for your viewing and downloading pleasure—all free. There are pictures of many popular movie stars, and some lesser-known actors. The artists shown here are an eclectic group, as you can see in the Galleries (which contain our scans) and in The Annex (which showcases scans from our guest contributors). We've also provided Movie Summaries for photos that we can identify as being from a particular film, including poster artwork wherever possible. A thumbnail of each new scan is displayed on the News page for your convenience, so check there often for the latest updates. We also have full-length radio shows and songs for many of the stars (see the Galleries for these as well).

gric's art links

The ImageNETion Portal is a huge collection of virtual art galleries, featuring illustrations, paintings, and photos of pin-ups art, fantasy art, sci-fi art, digital art, comics art, fantastic art, classical art, surreal art, and vintage art, by many artists and photographers. As of today, we make available to our visitors more than 60,000 high-resolution quality images, from more than 790 different artists, in about 2,400 virtual art galleries. The access to the ImageNETion Portal is totally free and new galleries are launched on a weekly basis.
Ink Spot
Vintage tattoo flash
LILA covers emerging contemporary visionary and sacred art, artists, exhibitions, and related themes such as deep ecology, shamanism, mythology and new global world culture. ‘Lila’ is Sanskrit for ‘Cosmic Play’, the universe experienced as arising from the joyous love play and creative adventures of the Divine.
Nature Photo
There are currently 13770 photos in the photobank NaturePhoto-CZ
photo-reference for comic artists
Fraggin photo reference for comic artists
Vintage Posters, Maps, and Prints.
Retro Snapshots
Retro Snapshots, formerly BionikMedia Photo Lab, is committed to providing the best selection and quality of old and hard to find photographs and vintage posters. Our approach is simple: we find the very best photos and memorabilia available to us and offer it to you at a reasonable rate. If we wouldn't hang it on our walls, in our office or restaurant, we don't sell it.
Schell Studio
Schell Sculpture Studio offers the finest creature and character design available anywhere. The studio has been providing concept art in the industry for over ten years, and owner and head designer Jordu Schell has been in the film and television industry since 1987. His talent as a designer and sculptor is world renowned, and his credits include: “Avatar”, “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”, “300”, “Hellboy”, “Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem”, “Men in Black”, “The Mist”, “Batman Returns”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Alien: Resurrection”, “The X-Files Movie”, “Predator II”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Evolution”, “Babylon 5-The Series” (on which he designed an emmy award-winning creature make-up and the first fully digital creature for a television series), and many more.
Sketch Theatre
Sketch Theatre exists for one express purpose — to expose young people to the myriad career opportunities available to creative individuals. There are scores of you out there who love to draw, make things and express yourself. Whether you are interested in drawing comic books, entertainment design (sets, props, creatures, etc), fashion, animation, creating films or making music, there are today more opportunities for you then there have ever been in history. Most adults think that being an ‘artist’ means being a ‘fine artist’ who shows work in galleries and has a difficult time making a living. This is an extremely narrow minded view of a word that today has a much broader scope.
traditional Japanese Noh Masks
We have opened this Home Page for the purpose of letting you know about traditional Japanese Noh Masks. We have a collection of over 220 historical character masks as you see on our Noh Mask List Page. Please let us know if you find a favorite mask for purchase. We will appreciate to get your order. New masks are coming every once in a while. Please don't miss it.
Web Gallery of Art
The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Romanticism periods (1000-1850), currently containing over 25.200 reproductions. Picture commentaries, artist biographies are available. Guided tours, period music, catalogue, free postcard and other services are provided.


Aaron Nagel

Alan Pollack
Alan Pollack was born in New Jersey in 1964. He began drawing at an early age. Influenced by artists such as Frazetta, Boris, the Hildebrandts and Michael Whelan, Alan decided that fantasy illustration was to be his career of choice. After graduating from high school, he studied at several colleges. At the School of Visual Arts in NYC, the illustration team of Martucci and Greisbach convinced Alan to dabble in oils. He was so inspired by his first attempts that he began developing a portfolio of fantasy illustration.
Alyssa Monks
Monks’s work explores narrative figuration. Currently she is playing with the tension between abstraction and realism in the same work, using different filters to visually distort and disintegrate the body. In this shallow painted space, the subject is pushing against our real space with pulsating vibrations of color that can make a painted body seem to have blood pumping through it. Strokes of thick, succulent paint in delicate color relationships are pushed and pulled into place to imitate glass, steam, water and flesh and create a narrative in the painted surface. The result of this pushing and pulling of realism is a confrontation of the tension between mortality and vitality. Striving for anatomical and realistic accuracy, it is her intention to convey an arresting vision that compels the viewer to feel their own humanness. It is Monks’s intent to relate visually the contemporary female experience with sensitivity, empathy, and integrity.
Amanda Wachob

Amy Sol
Amy Sol spent her childhood years in Korea then moved to Las Vegas, NV where she currently lives and works. Though the style of her work is greatly influenced by a combination of manga, folk-art, vintage illustration and modern design, she remains a self taught artist. She has dedicated many years of her life mixing pigments and mediums to achieve a unique color palette of subtly muted tones. The artist works intuitively from the beginning to end of each piece, with the intent that each painting's theme or message can be interpreted subjectively. Within these delicate works, you may often find whimsical landscapes populated with exotic plants, animal and females... Amongst the expressions of each character are notions of peaceful reflection and a sense of companionship.
Angie Mason
My visual playground, the world which I create is home to saturnine moody bruised soulcreatures. Images showcase many of their touching sad yet hysterical scenarios. The visuals are a stitched queasy patchwork quilt of emotions, an imperfect, cracked veiny world in all it’s beautiful imperfections. It’s a place where failures, wishers and dreamers live; A place that brings laughter and sadness together for tea.
Artur Golacki

Audrey Kawasaki
The themes in Audrey Kawasaki's work are contradictions within themselves. Her work is both innocent and erotic. Each subject is attractive yet disturbing. Audrey's precise technical style is at once influenced by both manga comics and Art Nouveau. Her sharp graphic imagery is combined with the natural grain of the wood panels she paints on, bringing an unexpected warmth to enigmatic subject matter.
Beau White
I have been interested in illustrating absurd, grotesque and distastefully humorous images since primary school. There is nothing particularly philosophical about my art in the conceptual sense. There are themes and narratives that are relatively simple and obvious, with the main focus being on the ridiculous. I don't have a grand vision or statement I want to make through art, I just want to draw and paint silliness and weirdness in various forms for my own gratification and anyone else with similar inclinations. Although I steer away from taking the subject matter in my work too seriously, I do spend a serious amount of time, consideration and mental exertion on my creative process. That's where I derive the most meaning in my art; In the doing, not the discussion that follows.
Ben Tolman

Brendan Danielsson
Born, 1974 – Springfield, MO. Lives and works in Atlanta, GA.
Brian Viveros
Celebrated Surrealist fetish/mutilation artist Brian M. Viveros is now utilizing the medium of film to capture the dark and evocative debris that radiates from his mind. Brian is internationally embraced for his erotic paintings and illustrations. Brian’s recognition accelerated with his participation in The Art of Porn exhibition held in Switzerland (1997), where he exhibited with H.R. Giger, thanks to a friend and art advisor Les Barany (Giger's agent). Since then, Brian’s work has been in numerous gallery shows and exhibitions in the United States and Europe, and has appeared in Secret Magazine, In the Flesh, Skin Two, Drawing Blood, Darks Art, and the short story, "The Magdalena" in Fetish Magazine.
Brom Art
Born in the deep dark south in 1965. Brom, an Army brat, spent his entire youth on the move and unabashedly blames living in such places as Japan, Hawaii, Germany, and Alabama for all his afflictions. From his earliest memories Brom has been obsessed with the creation of the weird, the monstrous, and the beautiful. At the age of twenty, Brom started working full-time as a commercial illustrator. Since that time Brom has been working feverishly for every facet of the genre, from novels (Michael Moorcock, Terry Brooks, R.A.Salvatore, E.R. Burroughs), Role-playing (TSR, White Wolf, WOTC), comics (DC, Chaos, Dark Horse), Games (Doom2, Heretic, Diablo2, World of Warcraft), and film (Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, Galaxy Quest, Ghosts of Mars, Scooby Doo, Van Helsing). Brom's powerful and haunting visions can be found in his two art books "Darkwerks" and "Offerings" and also his illustrated novel "the Plucker".
Cam de Leon

Carrie Ann Baade
Carrie Ann Baade is an internationally exhibiting artist whose surreal oil paintings are rich with allegorical meta-narratives inspired by literature and art history. She has been awarded the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Individual Artist Fellowship, the Delaware Division of the Arts Fellowship for Established Artist, and a nomination for the prestigious United States Artist Fellowship. Exhibiting widely with the Pop Surrealists and her paintings have been featured in Metamorphosis, a survey of the top, contemporary Visionary Surrealists and will be included in the upcoming exhibit Suggestivism curated by Nathan Spoor, at the Grand Central Art Center in California.
Chet Zar
Born on November 12th, 1967, in the harbor town of San Pedro, CA, Chet Zar's interest in art began at an early age. His parents were always very supportive and never put any limits on his creativity. His entire childhood was spent drawing, sculpting and painting. Zar's interest in the darker side of art began in the earliest stages of his life. A natural fascination with all things strange fostered within himself a deep connection to horror movies and dark imagery. He could relate to the feelings of fear, anxiety and isolation that they conveyed. These are themes which had permeated most of his childhood drawings and paintings and are reflected in his work to this day.
Chris Berens

Chris Mars
I learned it first from my Brother. He didn’t teach me; I watched it. They will pin a word on your chest and use it against you. They will create a word that’s excuse to take your humanity away. I saw it happen to him. And everyday, this: A word to make you serve, and one to make grateful for it. There is a label out there just for you. This will make you easier to categorize, and sell to. There is a word for the man next to you that makes you comfortable with the fact that you have so much more than he does. There is a word for you that tells you what to settle for.
Chris Peters
Chris Peters creates his art in his Los Angeles studio. He trained for three years at the Gage Academy of Art, completing their program that emphasizes academic painting techniques. His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries devoted to the Los Angeles Pop Surrealism / Lowbrow Art movement, including Copro/Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, La Luz de Jesus in Hollywood, and Last Rites Gallery in NYC.
Christian Van Minnen
Without being too cliché, these paintings are the sum of what I am; all of my passions, problems, hate, love and desire spilling out through the restraints ...
Chrystal Chan
Chrystal Y Chan was born in November 1984 and raised in the Bay Area, California. Being fascinated by the spiritual world since the age of seventeen, most of her works present subjects in metaphorical situations that are derived from visions, supernatural experiences, and beings. Other works are reflective of feelings and situations placed in the everyday life. Each piece states facts of the physical or the supernatural.
Damian Loeb
Born in New Haven, Connecticut, 1970. Lives in New York City.
Darius Zawadzki
I appreciate and value the art, which can tell a story (possibly of multiple threads) and transmit the emotional content on several layers. When this comes with a complementary technique and attention to details - this is what makes a truly valued art piece to me. My inspirations often come from observing the world, the people and their often extreme emotions. Another source of subjects are my dreams and personal feelings. I express all those in paintings, drawings and modern sculpture. Even if drawing is a kind of basis of my art, I very much like and successfully experiment with non-conventional use of traditional artistic media.
David Bowers
David Bowers, born 1956 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and graduated from art school in Pittsburgh in 1979. He began working as a staff artist at various studios in Pittsburgh. Two years later, David began teaching at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he lectured for ten years. This job was perfect for Bowers at the time due to the short hours in the classroom. These short workdays enabled a lot of free time to perfect his painting technique before he entered the illustration field.
David Choquette
David Choquette is a 27 years old Montreal based tattooist. He's intriged by the sense of discomfort that physical abnormalities cause. His portraits, often miniature, are esthetic counter type to the popular standards. Obsessing over every square inch, he creates strange atmosphere where uglyness and beauty are hard to dissociate. With sharp details, he try to communicate the sensibility of is inner world. "Setting down to work, inever know what the hell will come out. The only thing that's for sure, the Devil is in the details!". thanx, i really appreciate, it's an honnor. David Choquette
David Kassan
As an expression of his own calculated observation and visual consumption of surrounding environment, introspective glimpses of reality imbue the art of David Jon Kassan. By immersing himself into his subject matter, Kassan is able to infuse his painting with life and realism. Kassan's direction of realism follows the philosophies emplyed by the Ashcan School of American Realists. Kassan's influences are varied; citing Robert Henri and John Sloan as his primary influences on philosophy and subject matter. As for style and technique he cites Antonio Lopez Garcia, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline and Clyfford Still as influences as well.
David Rose
DKR (David K. Rose) has been around for a while. His years of gallery shows, freelance illustration work, and game production have kept him quite the busy fellow. DKR’s paintings and custom toys have appeared in places as diverse as his characters. Shows in London, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Canada, Portland, Florida, Oklahoma City, and North Carolina have featured his personal work. His commercial work has appeared in many AAA video games, and his illustration work has appeared in many a publication. He has been interviewed in Clutter magazine for his painting and custom toy work and featured in DK publishing’s book “Ultimate Robot” by Robert Malone. Not only has he produced tons of artwork, but he has also produced/directed a comedy-driven wrestling show, as well as other comedy theatre ventures. Dave currently resides in Los Angeles where he continues his freelance work as well as working in the game industry.
David Stoupakis

Dirk Dzimirsky
Unlike the media and their artificial conception of beauty that does not only hide the true person but also destroys it by removing every sign of what makes us human, I want to capture and describe a persons precence and specific inner self. Similar to what a detailed writer might employ in their analysis of an individual, I portray not only the physical attributes, but more importantly the subjects inner presence of life. It's not too obvious as my work appears most detailed, but I understand my approach as both representational and lyrical, using marks like words and textured areas like paragraphs. All parts of a whole, telling a story about a human being..
Donato Giancola
From J.R.R. Tolkiens' 'The Lord of the Rings' to Botticellis' 'La Primivera', Donato Giancola balances modern concepts with realism in his paintings to bridge the worlds of contemporary and historical figurative arts. His influences encompass visits to the local game shops and book stores as well as pilgrimages to the greatest of museums - including the Uffizzi, Louvre, and Hermitage. Donato recognizes the significant cultural role played by visual art and makes personal efforts to contribute to the expansion and appreciation of the science fiction and fantasy genre that extend beyond the commercial commissions of his clients. To those ends, the artist teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and appears at various institutions, tournaments, and conventions, from San Diego to Rome to Moscow, where he performs demonstrations in oil paint and lectures on his aesthetics.
Erik Jones
bla. that about does it
Fred Einaudi

Fred Harper

Gabe Leonard
Gabe Leonard was born and raised in Wyoming where he spent his childhood trying to skateboard on gravel roads in the summer and digging his parents car out of six foot snow drifts in the winter. After graduating from Campbell County High School in 1994. He attended the Columbus College of Art and Design where he graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree in 1998.
Heather Nevay
Heather Nevay was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 13th January 1965. She studied at Glasgow School of Art and graduated with BA Hons., Art and Design (Printed Textiles) in 1988. Heather exhibits regularly at the Compass Gallery and Cyril Gerber Fine Art, Glasgow, and the Portal Gallery, London. Heather has also exhibited many times in important mixed shows at The Royal Scottish Academy, The Society of Scottish Artists, The Royal Glasgow Institute, and at the London and Glasgow Art Fairs. Heather uses symbolism to express ideas of heroism, weakness, fear and the shifting balance of human relationships. Her paintings are mostly figurative with colour being an important element of her work.
Heidi Taillefer
As an artist I have been influenced by a number of sources, from the natural world and quirky thrift shop objects, to oddities in general and all manner of artistic genres, surrealism to the abstract. My tastes range from the ridiculous and the absurd to the sacred and sublime, as I pursue the deeper meaning of things while possessed of a strong sense of humor. I paint mostly about philosophical observations on life which are drawn out of personal experience, and parlayed into an exploration of more universal issues. My interests have generally encompassed ideological concerns about the environment and the impact of technology on society, and I often describe my work as symbolic, combined with the fantastical and the surreal. Through my work I try to understand my place in life and that of others around me in an effort to find a truth and a meaning to it all, and hopefully strive towards a greater good. I am inspired by the intensity of life's challenges, and the opportunities for growth and transendance that they offer.
Hyperspace Studios
I was born in 1968 and completed high school in 1985. I served as an apprentice at The Jacklich Corporation in the art department from 1985 to 1986, then painted record covers from 1986-1990 for the likes of Vinnie Moore, David Chastain, Apocrypha, Hexx, Skatenigs, etc., mostly for California-based Shrapnel Records, completing a total of about 40 covers. In 1989 I began tattooing, apprenticing at Bob Oslon's Custom Tattooing in Chicago for two years until 1991. I then opened my own tattoo studio, Guilty & Innocent Productions, which remained a top-standing shop in the area until I closed it in 1998 so that I could move to the country and paint more. My tattoo work has been published numerous times in tattoo magazines, including Outlaw Biker Tattoo Review, Easyrider Tattoo, Skin Art, Skin&Ink, International Tattoo Art and others. My paintings have been published in Art Alternatives and Savage magazine. Fine art books showing both types of work include Victoria Lauptman's The New Tattoo, Bill DeMichelle's The Illustrated Woman and Don Ed Hardy's Eye Tattooed America. My own desktop-published tattoo manuals, The Graphic Language for Tattooists and Special Effects for Tattooists, have sold thousands of copies to tattooists worldwide, and the seminars I give at tattoo conventions draw hundreds every year. Exhibitions have included the Karen Briede Gallery, Chicago 1992, Don Ed Hardy's Eye Tattooed America (touring show, which roamed the country for over a year), 1993, The Layaway Gallery, Chicago 1994, The Cleveland Independent Art Gallery, Cleveland Ohio 1994, and 2-South Gallery in Detroit, 1994 . Work of mine hung in the gallery at Spacetime Tanks, Chicago's sensory deprivation headquarters, from 1995 until summer 1999. Currently I have work showing at Brian Everett's Tattoo Gallery in Albuquerque, NM and Deluxe Tattoo in Chicago.
James Zar
James Zar was born in San Pedro, California in 1941 and came from a family of hard-working fishermen. The vitality of strong working men set against the background of the eternal sea's enchantment was the influential environment where he learned about life. Zar attended Valley Junior College, the Pasadena Playhouse and the San Francisco Art Institute where his interest in art was encouraged and expanded by his mentor, the late master painter, Keith Finch. Joe Hales and Raymond Escar were influential instructors. He holds a lifetime adult teaching credential in California. As with other artists, an education in art is never complete and he is continually studying, exploring and growing in process, concepts and subject.
Jason Daquino
Virtual gallery featuring small-scale, highly detailed graphite drawings. Fairy- tale imagery. Includes exhibitions listing.
Jason Jacenko
thanks for all the comments and to all the new watchers have been busy setting up a new space to tattoo from so if you need some ink or have something ive started that needs to be finshed
Jeff Christensen

Jim Mcnitt
My recent work consists of mixed-media paintings about angels and climate change. The series was partly inspired by the Renaissance narrative compositions of Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder, but also owes much to a neo-Victorian steampunk sensibility that originated with the writing of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
John Avon
I am a British illustrator working primarily in the field of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Since starting work in 1983, I have illustrated many hundreds of books for well know authors like Stephen King, Terry Pratchet, Arthur C. Clarke, Harry Harrison, Peter James and many others.
Jon Beinart
Jon Beinart needs an absurd number of plastic baby dolls to build a series of giant Toddlerpede sculptures. Please donate your unwanted doll parts...
Karl Persson
"My intellect doesn’t come into play when I am channeling something subconsciously. There is plenty of time for interpretation after a painting is finished. Whenever I look at my finished paintings it is like analysing a dream – deciphering my personal symbolic language. Although there is obviously some calculated thought behind things like compositional aesthetics, I still try to keep these decisions relatively instinctive. I find this approach far more fulfilling than when I have injected some preconceived concept into an image, which has often consequently become either stale or too obvious."
Katherine Blackwell
Katherine spent the majority of her childhood and teenage years in Vermont. Here with her father's encouragement, she discovered her love for art. ...
Kukula Land
Kukula was born in a relatively isolated village about an hour north of Tel Aviv. Her few neighbors were mostly retirees, many of them Holocaust survivors. As a result her childhood imagination was nourished by equal parts princess fantasies and World War II horror stories. Thus the attempt to reconcile real life horror with fantasy life sweetness emerges as an almost constant theme in her work.
Current Residence: in the mouth of madness Interests: Forgetting old answers, Finding new questions Favourite genre of music: Punky metal and metally punk. and oompah. Favourite artist: BernarDumaine,GraceWillard,SamRaffa,ChadSavage,McHobbeShrooms,IngeVandorMael Favourite poet or writer: (Artists cont'd) DeborahValentine,Kolaboy,SalHunter,Sleetwealth, many more... Favourite style of art: Dark, Baroque, Surreal, Horror Skin of choice: flayed, spiced, dripping and delicious Favourite cartoon character: you. Personal Quote: When there is nothing new under the sun we must search the shadows. Tools of the Trade: neurosis and perseverence
Laurie Lipton
Laurie Lipton was born in New York and began drawing at the age of four. She was the first person to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing (with honours). She has lived in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France and has made her home in London since 1986. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout Europe and the USA. Lipton was inspired by the religious paintings of the Flemish School. She tried to teach herself how to paint in the style of the 16th century Dutch Masters and failed. When traveling around Europe as a student, she began developing her very own peculiar drawing technique building up tone with thousands of fine cross-hatching lines like an egg tempera painting. “It’s an insane way to draw”, she says, “but the resulting detail and luminosity is worth the amount of effort. My drawings take longer to create than a painting of equal size and detail.”
Laurie Lipton
Laurie Lipton was born in New York. She was the first person to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing (with honours). She has lived in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France and has made her home in London since 1986.
Leslie Ditto
As far back as I, Leslie Ditto, can remember I have always been drawn to self expression through visual arts. As a young girl, growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, I was not exposed to any classical surreal artist until I attended Overton High School for the performing and Visual Arts. Before that I was raised around an "old school" Harley Davidson shop that my father and his brother owned.I spent many summers helping my father there at the shop and watching him build Harley motorcycles from the ground up and then painted the gas tanks ( and anything else he could find on the motorcycle) with fantasy images that were inspired by such artist as Franzetta and Boris Valleo. I then became fascinated with the beautiful, powerful and sexy women that these artist created. I was accepted into Otis Parsons in Los Angeles. After only two month of training my father had become terminally ill and I was forced to return home to Memphis. I was never able to return to school but could not deny the artist in me the opportunity for expression just because I had never been formally trained.
Lori Earley
Lori Earley is a contemporary surrealist figurative artist who began exhibiting her works in 2004. Born and raised in New York, Earley was an accomplished and gifted artist from a young age. As a maturing adolescent, she discovered her distinct style and fondness for painting deeply personal subject matter. She then began her journey towards becoming a professional oil painter through fine art training at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her innate passion for expressing mood and emotion on canvas and paper along with her mastery of technique in oil and graphite was soon recognized, in the United States and abroad. Earley was acclaimed as an exceptional new talent, praised for her authentic portraiture. Her stylized, elongated subjects echoed Mannerist elements and the dramatic lighting of the Baroque period. Her distorted realism drew attention from established artists, collectors, and galleries which immediately propelled Earley to the forefront of a burgeoning art movement. Her recognition as a leading female contemporary master painter grew internationally and moved Earley into the celebrated realm of solo exhibitions in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City and London. Earley's stunning portraits have attracted an audience of collectors who treasure owning a rare, truly unique work of art. While her femme fatale portraits mature in style and intensity, they retain her signature ethereal quality that embodies an undeniably feminine force. Her portraits always capture elusive moments in the artist's individual perception and experience, viewed through her imaginative lens.
I refuse to write about myself as a third person, so you might find the following a bit blog-ish. My name is Jorge Macswiney and I make Pop Surrealist art under the name Macsorro. I was born in October 1981, in Michoacan Mexico. Where do I get my inspiration? Everywhere and everyone. My wonderful wife and challenging children, people's kindness, rudeness and problems. My technique? From old and new contemporary masters; Pieter Breugel, Anthony Von Dyck, Agnolo Bronzino, Aostino Carracci, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Mark Ryden and Chet Zar. Art for me is a never ending evolution, and when it stops I will my heart. So, untill then my clothes will all have some kind of paint on them and my family will grow older with me.
Matt Martin
I started painting in the start of 2007 but been Drawing as long as I can remember. These days I'm trying to paint my own oil paintings as much as possible....
Michael Deas
Michael J. Deas is one of the nation’s premier illustrators, combining a "sense of grace and serenity" (in the words of Communications Arts Magazine) unrivaled by today's realists. His superb eye and phenomenal control of the oil medium has earned him numerous awards and citations, including four Gold Medals and one Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators. His luminous redesign of the Columbia Pictures logo led to a feature article on the cover of America's leading graphics publication, Communication Arts, Sept/Oct 1998. The extensive story included more than 15 illustrations, highlighting portraits, advertising art, logos, editorial & book designs, and U.S. Postage Stamps.
Michael Halbert
Over 600 scratchboard drawings with reproduction rights (licensing) available.
Michael Ryan
He is currently exhibiting work nationally, working as a freelance artist, and accepting commissions.
Miles Teves
Once upon a time, on the verdant central coast of mythical California, in a small city called Salinas, plagued by dime store Cowboys, disgruntled Cholos and fields of lettuce, an artist was born. The very same Salinas fled by John Steinbeck just as soon as he was able. It was 1963, and it would be another eighteen years before Miles could leave this idyllic and nurturing cultural paradise, so he quickly got down to the business of growing up.
Molly Crabapple
Molly Crabapple is an award-winning artist, author, and the founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School Molly learned to draw in a Parisian bookstore. She later drew her way through Morocco and Kurdistan, and once into a Turkish jail. She’s developed her trademark Victorian style based a fascination with ambition and artifice. Remember, the devil’s in the details Molly’s drawn for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and illustrated over a dozen books. She’s also turned her talents to giant theatrical backdrops, parade installations, burlesque posters, and gallery shows around the world. For two years, she’s been the resident Toulouse Lautrec of The Box, one of New York’s most exclusive nightclubs.
Munk One
MUNK ONE is a contemporary American Illustrator and Fine artist well known for creating artwork for many of today’s major label bands. He is also known for working with world renowned clothing brands, recognized for their artwork and creativity. Munk One’s fine art has also gained much attention through many galleries both at home and abroad.
Nicoletta Ceccoli
Nicoletta has illustrated many books,mainly in Italy, in the USA and in the UK. Her work has been exhibited at the Bologna Children’s Book fair seven times.She has also shown her work among the others in ‘Roq la Rue’ (Seattle), ’Magic Pony’(Toronto), ’Dorothy Circus’(Rome), Richard Goodall Gallery(Manchester).
Paul Rumsey
I was born in 1956 and live in England. When I was 16 I bought the Dover books on the prints of Bruegel, Goya, Piranesi and Redon and the drawings of Kubin, so I knew the direction that my work was going. I draw a wide variety of subjects which come from mythology, literature, watching the news and my imagination.
Peter Gric
Peter Gric is a Czech painter living in Austria, who is best known for his mysterious abandoned futuristic architectural landscapes. He practices a very fine technical method of painting as taught by the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.
Robert Craig
shut the fuck up and paint
Robert Hardgrave
My paintings are meditations on the unpredictability of life. Despite all the information we are given, I believe much is unknown to us in the moment, with clarity only achieved upon later reflection. My working process parallels this belief. There is never an overall plan or formula in my work, but allowing the imagery to manifest itself, it becomes an exercise in movement and a dedication to discovery. It is about the excitement in each evolving moment in life be it minute or grand and savoring it.
Ron English
One of the most prolific and recognizable artists alive today, Ron English has bombed the global landscape with unforgettable images, on the street, in museums, in movies, books and television. English coined the term POPaganda to describe his signature mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, from superhero mythology to totems of art history, populated with his vast and constantly growing arsenal of original characters, including MC Supersized, the obese fast-food mascot featured in the hit movie “Supersize Me,” and Abraham Obama, the fusion of America’s 16th and 44th Presidents, an image widely discussed in the media as directly impacting the 2008 election. Other characters carousing through English’s art, in paintings, billboards, and sculpture include three-eyed rabbits, udderly delicious cowgirls and grinning skulls, blending stunning visuals with the bitingly humorous undertones of America’s Premier Pop Iconoclast.
Scott Fischer
n 1971, Scott Fischer was born with a paintbrush in his hands. All he can ever remember wanting to do is to create art. After coasting through highschool on extra credit art assignments, he found himself at the Savannah College of art and design. In 1994 he graduated from college with honors, and a little plaque inscribed with the words 'painter of the year'.
Scott Musgrove
The Late Fauna of Early North America - Paintings of Previously Unknown but Now Extinct Animals and Plants.
Sean Chappell

Shawn Barber
Oil and acrylic portrait, landscape, and still life paintings. Also includes drawings and illustrations.
Stephanie Henderson

Tim Anderson

Tim Bradstreet

Todd Lockwood
I was born and grew up in Boulder, Colorado. I had the Rocky Mountains in my backyard, and I got to see the “summer of love” through the eyes of an eleven year old in a college town. I watched Lost in Space in the third grade, when G.I. Joe was new, and Star Trek after that. Ray Harryhausen’s movies were favorites. Needless to say, Science Fiction and Fantasy consumed my childhood. Later, in my teens, I discovered Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and Dungeons and Dragons not long after. I’ve been Role-Playing for 25+ years! As an adult I became fascinated with Mythology, particularly transformative mythology and the hidden meanings of Myth. Joseph Campbell is a hero of mine for his thoughtful and thorough exploration of the World’s Myths.
Travis Louie
Travis Louie’s paintings come from the tiny little drawings and many writings in his journals. He’s created his own imaginary world that is grounded in Victorian and Edwardian times. It is inhabited by human oddities, mythical beings, and otherworldly characters who appear to have had their formal portraits taken to mark their existence and place in society. The underlining thread that connects all these characters is the unusual circumstances that shape who they were and how they lived. Some of their origins are a complete mystery while others are hinted at. A man is cursed by a goat, a strange furry being is discovered sleeping in a hedge, an engine driver can’t seem to stop vibrating in his sleep, a man overcomes his phobia of spiders, etc, . . .Using inventive techniques of painting with acrylic washes and simple textures on smooth boards, he’s created portraits from an alternate universe that seemingly may or may not have existed.
Victor Bregeda
This web site offers you a unique opportunity to browse through an extensive web gallery of Victor Bregeda art from 1993 up to date.
Viktor Safonkin
Victor Safonkin's work is self-described as Eurosurrealism, or European classic surrealism & symbolism. His work is redolent of Salvador Dali. Victor's work has been highly acclaimed, and in 2005 he was invited to exhibit at the European Parliament in Brussels. The rock band Killing Joke used his Inhuman Rearing as an album cover in 2006. Viktor Safonkin is featured in the 2007 Venus and the Female Intuition, published by SALBRU. Safonkin has been called "one of the most brilliant artists I have seen in a long time," by master Surrealist Professor Ernst Fuchs.
Vincent Cacciotti

Vincent Castiglia
Vincent Castiglia (born April 8, 1982, Brooklyn, New York) is an American surrealist painter. He is internationally acclaimed for his figurative paintings with metaphysical and often nightmarish subject matters. Castiglia paints exclusively in human blood (iron oxide) on paper.
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